What is UploadStuff?

UploadStuff is the easiest way to add file uploads to your full stack TypeScript application. Many services have tried to build a "better S3", but in our opinion, none found the right compromise of ownership, flexibility and safety.

Doing this well involves getting three key pieces correct: File Hosting, Server-side Authorization, and Client Experience.

1. Use managed file hosting

UploadStuff is agnostic of the hosting provider, but we strongly recommend Convex (opens in a new tab).

2. Authorize users on YOUR server

You can't let just anyone upload files to a storage provider which you pay for. You should authorize uploads on the server. Convex makes this really easy.

3. Give users a great experience

UploadStuff is an open-source JavaScript and React library for uploading files from your frontend with convenient components, hooks and more. There's an <UploadButton /> and <UploadDropzone/> for super easy implementation. With useUploadFiles you can implement your own custom component. And uploadFiles can be used from any JS application.

Wait, I've seen this before!

UploadStuff is a play on and a fork of UploadThing (opens in a new tab).

Disclaimer: This project is not owned or operated by Convex, but I do work there.